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Fixed Conventional Loans

These loans are not guaranteed by a specific government program (i.e. FHA, USDA, or VA).  The loans have fixed interest rates and terms over the entire term of the loan.

ARM (Adjustable Rate Mortgage) Loan

This is a loan with a fixed interest rate for an initial period allowing borrowers to take advantage of lower rates and payments.  After the fixed term the rate is then adjusted periodically based on a specific rate index.

Jumbo Loan

A mortgage for more than the conforming limit set by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (currently $726,200 in most counties).

FHA (Federal Housing Administration) Loan

A mortgage which is insured by FHA, usually assumable, and designed to help you purchase a home with a low down payment and more conservative guidelines.

First Time Home Buyer Program (NIFA)

A mortgage loan program available throughout the state of Nebraska, providing mortgage loans to first time homebuyers (with certain exceptions) who meet established income and purchase price limits.  Contact your loan officer to see if you meet eligibility requirements.

VA (Veterans Administration) Loan

A mortgage loan guaranteed by the United States Department of Veteran’s Affairs which provides financing up to a specified amount for eligible veterans helping to purchase a property with no down payment.

USDA Rural Development

A mortgage loan guaranteed by United States Department of Agriculture. These loans are part of the USDA's Rural Development program, meant to encourage homeownership in small communities across the U.S. by offering low-interest, low-down-payment mortgages to borrowers with low to moderate incomes.

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2. Pre-qualification

Lincoln Federal offers free pre-qualifications.  Use our loan payment calculator to help determine your budget.  Our loan officers are available to help you select the mortgage loan program that best fits your needs. 

3. Track Mortgage Rates

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4. Submitting Your Loan Application

Whether you're buying, building or refinancing a home, Lincoln Federal offers many ways to apply for a loan.  You can apply directly on your loan officer’s website, in person, via telephone, or by downloading an application.

5. Mortgage Checklist

Once you have received a loan estimate and have indicated your intent to proceed, use our mortgage checklist to begin gathering information needed for underwriting your loan.

6. Loan Closing

Once your loan is approved, your loan officer will contact you to set up the closing and answer any additional questions before closing.