Mobile Deposit FAQ

  1. What is Mobile Deposit?
    • Mobile Deposit is a mobile deposit service that allows you to make a deposit by taking a picture of the front and back of the check with your mobile device via the Lincoln Federal Savings Bank mobile app. The app is available for free in the AppStore or on Google Play.
  2. How do I start using Mobile Deposit?
    • You must first enroll in online banking at You can then download the app to your phone. You must accept the Mobile Deposit agreement prior to making your first mobile deposit.
  3. How do I endorse my check?
    • Proper endorsement is your Signature along with “For Mobile Deposit only at LFSB”.
  4. How is a deposit made?
    • The Mobile Deposit application is accessed through LFSB’s Mobile Banking application.
      • Select ‘Mobile Deposit’, ‘Deposit a Check’, and enter the check information. Be sure that you’ve endorsed your check correctly. Select ‘Scan Check’, ‘Photograph Check Front’, ‘Photograph Check Back’, and then ‘Send Check for Deposit’.
    • The images are reviewed and accepted if processing standards are met.
  5. Do I receive a receipt for the deposit?
    • You will receive an on-screen confirmation and an email alert.
  6. Are there limits on the number of items or deposit amounts?
    • Each check will be deposited as a separate mobile deposit to your account. You can deposit up to five items per day.
  7. When will my deposit be credited to my account?
    • It may take up to five days to review the deposit. Please keep the check in a secure location until you’ve been notified via email that the check has been credited to your account.
  8. How will I be notified if my deposit is not accepted?
    • You will receive an email alert indicating that the deposit has been rejected. This email will indicate your next steps. You can also visit the mobile app – Press ‘Mobile Deposit’ – ‘Review Deposited Checks’.
  9. What type of accounts can I deposit to using Mobile Deposit?
    • Mobile Deposits can be made to checking accounts.
  10. What are the fees for using the service?
    • Lincoln Federal Savings Bank does not charge for this service or the mobile app. The only fees you may incur would be data fees from your mobile service provider.
  11. What should I do with the check once it has been scanned?
    • Once your deposit has been approved, write VOID on your check.
    • Please store your check(s) in a safe place for six months from the date of your deposit. In the event of a deposit dispute, LFSB may require presentation of the original check to settle the dispute. After six months, destroy the check using a secure data destruction method (i.e. shredding).
    • Some mobile devices may store the check image files on the phone. Check with your mobile service provider or phone manufacturer to remove the files or change the settings in order to not store the files when image is taken.
  12. If I see an error in my deposit, who should I contact?
    • If you see a transaction error, please contact Lincoln Federal Savings Bank at 402-474-1400.
  13. What if I get an error message for bad lighting and/or background?
    • If you’re having issues capturing the check image, try utilizing a plain background contrasting the check color. Wood grain and marble backgrounds are not recommended. .
  14. What types of checks can be scanned for deposit?
    • Only single-party domestic checks made payable to the owner(s) of the account may be scanned for deposit with Mobile Deposit. Image quality issues can cause a check to be rejected. You are advised to retain the original check for six months and then securely destroy it.
    • When in doubt about a check, give us a call at 402-474-1400 before you use Mobile Deposit.
    • The following is a list of ineligible items that may not be scanned and deposited with Mobile Deposit Capture:
      • Lincoln Federal Savings Bank checks drawn on your own account – Online deposits of this nature may subject you to criminal prosecution.
      • Third Party Checks – Checks payable to someone else, endorsed and signed over to you.
      • Incomplete Items – Checks that do not contain signatures of the maker, endorsement signatures, or that are missing any other required information.
      • Non-Negotiable Items – The mobile deposit of any item stamped with a “non-negotiable” watermark is PROHIBITED.  Mobile deposits of this nature may subject you to criminal prosecution.
      • Returned Checks – Any check that you deposit that is returned to us not payable as a result of insufficient funds, stop payment, or other related reasons.
      • Altered Checks – Any check that contains evidence of a change (corrections fluid, crossed out amounts, etc) to information on the face of the check. Checks containing an alteration on the front of the check or item, or which you know or suspect, or should know or suspect, are fraudulent or otherwise not authorized by the owner of the account on which the check is drawn.
      • Foreign Checks – Any check that is issued to you and drawn on a financial institution in another country (Canada, France, etc.)
      • Foreign Currency – Any check that is issued in another currency other than United State currency is not permitted.
      • Stale Dated Checks – Certain checks contain instructions such as “Void 90 days after issue date.”  If no instructions are contained, then the check is stale 6 months after the issue date.
      • Post Dated Checks - Checks that are dated with a future date.
      • Travelers Checks – Are not permitted.
      • Payee Differs - Checks payable to any person or entity other than the person or entity that owns the account that the check is being deposited into.
      • Joint Party Checks - Checks payable jointly, unless deposited into an account in the name of all payees.
      • Substitute or IRD Checks - Checks previously converted to a substitute check, as defined in Federal Reserve Board Regulation CC.
      • RCC –Checks that are remotely created checks (RCC), as defined in Federal Reserve Board Regulation CC.
      • U.S. Treasury Department Checks - Checks or items that are drawn or otherwise issued by the U.S. Treasury Department.
      • Draft or Payable on Sight Checks - Checks payable on sight or payable through Drafts, as defined in Federal Reserve Board Regulation CC.
      • Restrictive Endorsement - Checks with any endorsement on the back other than that specified in this agreement.
      • Duplicate Presentment of Checks - Checks that have previously been submitted through the Service or through an electronic deposit delivery system offered at any other financial institution and/ or LFSB. (E.g. Mobile, Branch, ATM, Consumer, Merchant and automated clearing house (ACH) check conversions.
      • Checks or items prohibited by LFSB’s current procedures relating to the Services or which are otherwise not acceptable under the terms of your LFSB account

For Mobile Deposit assistance, please contact us at (402) 474-1400. Thank You.