Lender Bios

  • Meet the Lender: Grant Carter

    The banking industry first caught Grant’s eye in 2002 while he was attending college at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Over the last 16 years Grant has developed knowledge and … more

  • Meet the Lender: Mary Byrnes

    Mary Byrnes cares deeply about many things in life, including her work at Lincoln Federal Savings Bank. "My work is my passion, and my passion is my work," Mary says. "When I combine … more

  • Meet the Lender: Ron Svoboda

    Ron Svoboda jumped into the world of sales right out of school and in 1994 followed his desire to sell real estate. Five years later he made the career decision to become a mortgage lender, … more

  • Meet the Lender: Dave Arkfeld

    Omaha native, Dave Arkfeld recently joined the Lincoln Federal Savings Bank Lending Team. Working out of the Omaha branch with 27 years of experience in banking, home mortgage, and finance … more

  • Meet the Lender: Jennie Sovey

    Philanthropy, joy, and hard work are just a few of the things that make Jennie Sovey stand out. With 15 years of customer service under her belt she is always putting her customers first. … more

  • Meet the Lender: Lorna Lane Walker

    Lorna’s diversified background in finance allows her the opportunity to educate her clients and place them in the consumer loan that best suits their situation. Prior to joining … more

  • Meet the Lender: Ryan Trausch

    Lincoln Federal's, Ryan Trausch, has been making the construction loan process enjoyable and as stress free as possible for many years. With his approachable and friendly personality, his … more

  • Meet the Lender: Jill Sutton

    Jill Sutton was just finishing classes in real estate at Central Community College when the mortgage lending position became available at Lincoln Federal Savings Bank in Holdrege, NE. Jill … more

  • Meet the Lender: Sandy Ireland

    Sandy Ireland is on top of her game. With 31 years of helping people acquire mortgage loans, preceded by 5 years of experience selling real estate, and 9 years working in the legal industry, … more

  • Meet the Lender: Mike Isaacson

    Growing up on a farm in Holdrege, NE, Mike Isaacson learned the benefits of a hard work ethic and how great it feels to watch something grow because of a person's dedication. When he went … more

  • Meet the Lender: Chris Elgert

    Chris Elgert's life pivots around family. Growing up, his family is who influenced him in the real estate and mortgage industry. Now as an adult, his family provides the support and … more

  • Meet the Lender: Corey Rhone

    Corey Rhone is always putting other people first. He's not used to putting the focus on himself. One of his favorite things about being a mortgage loan officer is getting to know other … more

  • Meet the Lender: Shane Podliska

    Shane Podliska knows that buying a home is the largest purchase that most of us will make and his goal is to make you feel at ease. He’s worked in the mortgage industry since 1998 in … more

  • Meet the Lender: Cami Moran

    Cami Moran is dedicated to educating her clients about the home buying process. She knows that when customers are well informed along their path to homeownership, they feel more comfortable … more