Meet Our Team: Christina Collier

It was the summer of 2008 and Christina Collier had recently moved to Benkelman, NE. She was looking for a job and wasn't sure how her degree in Early Childhood Education would benefit her in the financial industry, but she was willing to take a chance as she applied for a job at Lincoln Federal Savings Bank. One thing she did know: she always had a desire to help others, a quality that Lincoln Federal highly values. That was the beginning of a new career path for her.
Christina's first position at Lincoln Federal was as a Customer Service Representative. It wasn't long before she was recognized for her great work and was promoted to Customer Service Supervisor in 2009 and Assistant Vice President in 2010. The Benkelman branch is one of the smaller Lincoln Federal branches so Christina wears many hats. On any given day she is responsible for a variety of tasks, from greeting customers and helping them with their banking needs to collaborating with colleagues from other branches around the state. What she loves most about her job is that she gets to assist people every day with their financial needs.
Lincoln Federal is a good community partner by being involved in a number of activities, such as the Lending Hands Program that provides volunteer workers to assist businesses and organizations. For example, Christina gets together with others in the area annually to thoroughly clean the local movie theater. In the summer, the employees at her branch assist in various capacities with games during the Home Owned Carnival, a 4-day event that coincides with the fair. And, at Christmas time, the bank hosts the Caring and Sharing Tree that allows everyone in Benkelman to give back by providing gifts for families in need. Christina and her team, in conjunction with the PinC Ladies, then wrap the gifts and make sure they get delivered to those families.
When Christina is not at work, she enjoys spending time with her husband and three daughters. She especially makes time for reading, crocheting and doing crafts with the girls. She has been a member of The PinC Ladies (Priorities in Community) for many years and enjoys the projects that they do to contribute to the community.
"Benkelman is a small, aging community. There are many elderly couples that follow the tradition of one spouse being in charge of their finances. Unfortunately, when that spouse passes away, the surviving spouse can be perplexed about where to start. I assist those customers in learning about their finances and support them moving forward. It’s instances like this that make me feel like I make a difference in customers’ lives."