Meet the Lender: Corey Rhone

Corey Rhone is always putting other people first. He's not used to putting the focus on himself. One of his favorite things about being a mortgage loan officer is getting to know other people, finding out as much as he can about their story, so that he can help them as best as possible.

Corey was born and raised in Cozad, NE and has always been interested in the financial world. He had thought about working in corporate finance but changed his mind when he realized how much he enjoyed working with people who were involved in the building of homes. After 15 years helping people with mortgage loans in Arizona after college, Corey moved back to Nebraska and has been helping people realize the American Dream ever since.

Corey enjoys teaching people about the home buying process, particularly first-time homebuyers. He likes watching all of the hard work come together in a successful, stress-free closing. He prides himself on being particularly thorough when explaining the process to new homebuyers. He wants them to be prepared for all situations so that they can navigate the lending process successfully.

Just recently, Corey was able to help a domestic violence victim find independence and a new life with her teenage sons in their new home. She had gone back to school to become a therapist to help other people and was trying to do what she could to have that solid rock for her family to anchor to. Corey spent countless hours working on finding the best options for her and was extremely pleased when all of their dedication paid off.

Having worked with other banks in Arizona, Corey is proud of how well the Lincoln Federal mortgage process works. From pre-qualification to underwriting to approval, he feels that everything is more efficient and has the ability to help the most potential homebuyers.

In his spare time, Corey is cheering on his three sons along with his wife for all of their sporting activities. That's where he loves to be, on the sidelines applauding their hard work and dedication.