2021 Champions Circle Awards

2021 has been another year like no other. Still navigating the continuation of a global pandemic and an unpredictable housing market, our team of loan officers had to continue to think outside the box, using virtual meetings to communicate with clients, and move quickly as purchase agreements were coming in in the blink of an eye.

Six of our Lincoln Mortgage Loan Officers and both of our Omaha area Mortgage Loan Officers are 2021 recipients of the Nebraska Mortgage Association’s Champions Circle awards. Awards are given based upon loan origination volume from July 1, 2020, through June 30, 2021.

We are proud to announce these awards and hope you will help us in congratulating our team.

Receiving Platinum Awards closing 140 loans or $30 million:

Chris Elgert (Wilderness Hills, Lincoln): $116,297,380 – 511 loans

Shane Podliska (Wilderness Hills, Lincoln): $109,913,661 – 470 loans

Cami Moran (Old Cheney, Lincoln):  $62,265,912 – 290 loans

Mike Isaacson (Corporate Office, Lincoln):  $48,709,628 – 220 loans

Corey Rhone (Corporate Office, Lincoln): $39,195,639 – 168 loans

Dave Arkfeld (Omaha): $30,306,394 – 138 loans


Receiving Gold Awards closing 120 loans or $22 million:

Mary Byrnes (Omaha): $29,182,709 – 132 loans


Receiving Silver Awards closing 100 loans or $15 million:

Sandy Ireland (O Street, Lincoln): $16,992,604 – 94 loans