Meet The Team: Tori Bartels

Tori specializes in all aspects of Deposit Services. She has been working with Lincoln Federal Savings Bank for over 30 years, long enough to get to know each of the customers that frequent the Holdrege location.

Opening accounts for her customers in their youth and watching them grow their savings into their adulthood is very rewarding. Tori loves to hear the personal stories each customer brings into the bank.

Part of working in the banking industry for over 30 years is adapting and embracing change. “Things are different than they used to be,” she says. Many of the young people opening checking accounts weren’t taught how to balance a checkbook as so many of us were. “I like to give them a lesson and show them how to do it when they sign up for a checking account.” She also helps them understand the importance of saving their statements and looking over them each month. Looking over statements monthly helps customers avoid the overwhelming task of reviewing a years-worth of statements at once.

Tori loves her team and the people that she works with; “Lincoln Federal Savings Bank has been very good to me.” She says they are consistently helpful and supportive company-wide. If there is ever a question that Tori can’t answer, there is always someone within the bank ready with a response. Due to this environment Tori is able to provide a top-notch level of service.

Outside of her work with Lincoln Federal, Tori is just as busy. She has 12 grandkids and enjoys boating, camping, and traveling. She’s lived in the Holdrege community for over 40 years. “It is a great place to raise your kids,” she says. “Everyone watches out for everyone else. I love to travel, but I’m always happy to come back home.”