Meet Our Team: Adam Engelman

Adam Engelman has worked in customer service roles for over 16 years. He thrives on the one-on-one interactions that comes with helping others. When he and his wife started their family, he began considering a career in the banking industry. In 2012, Adam started on his path to success in banking. In 2015, Adam and his family relocated to Lincoln, Nebraska where he continues his banking career at Lincoln Federal Savings Bank. He first joined the team as a Customer Service Representative. With his knowledge and experience, it wasn’t long before Adam was promoted to Customer Service Supervisor, and then to Assistant Vice President.

Adam enjoys building relationships with his customers, explaining what services the bank has to offer, and guiding them into the banking products that fit their unique needs. "Recognizing customers by name when they come in and developing that high level of trust in us is so important and key to them doing business with us for years to come," Adam says.

He likes the fact that Lincoln Federal Savings Bank appreciates and values the work that employees do and the contributions they make toward the success of the organization. "A group of us have been working on what we can do to improve the quality of life for our employees," Adam adds. "Knowing that Lincoln Federal places employee satisfaction as a priority speaks volumes about the organization's culture and values."

He appreciates that bank management seeks his input and involvement when it comes to policies and procedures relative to his branch. "I get support from management and we work as a team," Adam says. "It's not a cookie-cutter approach."

Adam enjoys the relationships he has developed with his coworkers and understands that by finding what their strengths are and delegating projects to them, his coworkers become more successful in their roles. Positive things happen as a result. He is also grateful that Lincoln Federal Savings Bank encourages employees to volunteer. Prior to working in Nebraska, Adam had never heard about the Junior Achievement program. During his orientation, he signed up and within the first month he was going to schools to teach kids about finance and entrepreneurship. He also serves on the LincolnFED Kids Committee which provides meals – including the fixings for a holiday meal – to students and their families in the area over the holiday break. "It is such a wonderful feeling and personal experience," Adam remarks. "Last year my sons wanted to help, so they went out and sold candy to raise money for this event."

“My goal is to find personal solutions to customer needs and wants, so that when they think of banking, they think of me and my staff.

Adam Engelman works at our Wilderness Hills location off 27th Street and Yankee Hill Road in Lincoln. To contact Adam, call 402-421-8929.