Branching Out at 70th & O

It's an exciting time for the employees working at Lincoln Federal Savings Bank's newly reconstructed office at 70th and 'O' Street in Lincoln. Everything has a feeling of newness: a beautiful building, the latest banking technology, and new customer relationships. This location is seated on a high-visibility corner near a large residential area. Sarah comments that customers, “Frequently tell us that they love how close we are and how much they enjoy walking here when the weather is nice.”

The ‘O’ Street branch has an amazing trio of employees who are putting this location on the Lincoln map. With a combined 25+ years of experience this team is able to provide incredible customer service to all who walk through the door. Sarah Saltzman and Meredith Lindblad are the Customer Service Supervisors. They have each worked at other Lincoln Federal locations, have a great understanding of the products offered and they enjoy helping customers manage their personal accounts. Jennie Sovey joins the team as Mortgage Loan Officer. Jennie has a passion for educating her customers and ensuring they have the best-suited mortgage product for their unique situation.  

Aside from the personable staff, customers can expect to find a broad range of financial services, like checking and savings accounts, online banking, debit cards, CDs, IRAs, and mortgage loans. The team expressed a vested interest in ensuring the customers receive the best products and secure access to them. Sarah notes that one of the most exciting aspects of her job is watching the new technology develop to improve the customer experience.  

Perhaps the branch team is proudest of the work they do to help their customers manage all types of financial matters. For one couple, Jennie offered them hope and peace of mind. Living on Social Security and Disability, the couple came in to see about consolidating their debt. Jennie was able to advise them on debt-management and refinance their home to save them hundreds of dollars on their monthly payments.

Another customer was very grateful when Sarah used her field knowledge to identify a possible vishing scheme. This type of scheme occurs over the phone and requests personal account information to gain access to funds that do not belong to them. The customer had called requesting specific account information to provide to the hacker. Sarah quickly identified that this could be a scam and that the customer may have already given too much information to the hacker. Sarah suggested that her account be closed immediately to avoid any unauthorized charges and open a new one. The customer did not experience any loss and was grateful that Sarah was so vigilant.  

Whether it's celebrating employee milestones, being involved in community programs like the Salvation Army, or helping to raise awareness and funds for the Pediatric Cancer Action Network through the bank's Lending Hands program, the team at 70th and 'O' Street truly enjoy helping others.

If you are looking for a dynamic trio of banking and mortgage professionals, then drive (or walk) to the corner of 70th and 'O' Streets in Lincoln and meet Sarah, Meredith, and Jennie in person, or call 402-488-2233.